Rii K01X1 2.4 GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard Review

Rii K01X1 2.4 GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard image 1Rii K01X1 2.4 GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard
Here is the earliest Variation two.0 Rii Mini (Manufactured in Oct 2010)! Portable, Classy & Lifestyle choice! Transportable and fashionable
Meet the golden section of the mini-size, enjoy the full-size keyboard, the main function, enter the instant messaging message, URL and search text, without leaving your sofa or seating
Perfect Control PC entertainment characteristics Innovative design of the Navigation keys, convenient and practical multimedia control keys and two.4G wireless technology to provide you with as far as 10 meters of the PC control abilities, it is also able to easily enter test, browser the web, lying on a soft playing computer games

The Rii K01X1 2.4 GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard  world’s first Touch Pad 90-degree flip design With a 90-degree flip a switch function key Touch Pad, allows you to be more human mode of operation to achieve click, scroll, and the mouse click action

Easy operation:
Step 1: take out the USB Dongle placed right side of the keyboard
Step two:plug the USB dongle on your device’s USB Port.
Step 3:Turn on the mini wireless keyboard

Please note:
1. if your device has large monitor, such as smart TV and android TV box,there may have following problem:
A:short range,can only use in less than 3m
B:when press “a”,”aaaa….” appear
C:uncontrollable cursor
Please use the three port extension cable we shipped to you to solve them: plug the USB dongle on the extension cable and plug extension cable on your device. Please make sure the cable main part is front of monitor

2. When blue LED stays on, it means it has been paired successfully. If it’s not on,please do as follow to pair:
Step1: Keep your PC on, and be sure the keyboard is full of power.:)
Step2:Press the “ F1” without releasing.
Step3:Power on the keyboard and release the ” F1″ immediately.
Step4:Plug the USB receiver on the USB port of your PC.

The box the keyboard comes in is a standard cardboard one which has very little graphics on it as does not look as professional as some of the other products the company have done which have come looking good, apart from that, inside of the box you have the keyboard in a bubble wrapped bag as well as the manual and a thank you note, finally there is a micro USB cable with a USB extender. This Rii K01X1 2.4 GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard is great, the design is amazing, it has a nice feel to it which make it comfortable to use for long periods of time. The keys feel great, they are pretty loud but feel great when clicked down and you get a satisfying click sound when clicked all the way. It has many different modes. you can set up specific keys for specific games without the use of a software, it has 3 different modes keyboard, mouse controls and it really does put on a show.

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  • Qwerty keyboard and ordinary keyboard layout. RF 2.4G wireless connection, enjoy up to 10m operating distance.
  • Ultra sensitive touchpad with 90-degree flip design. Built-in rechargeable polymer Lithium-ion battery.
  • Perfect for PC Pad Android T Box Google TV Box smart to HTPC IPTV.Since some smart TVs don’t support external input device such as Samsung. Before order, please test if it works with wired keyboard
  • How to use it on Amazon fire tv:use an app called app2fire on android you can send any app to fire to then run it so for example google chrome. Just note that it only works on side loaded application

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